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  DX Wrapper (Windows 10 Only )
DX Wrapper (Windows 10 Only )
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Make sure you tested Game before and if you have one of the following problems :

- Some tiles are black
- Game works so slow ( frame freeze )

Follow this steps :

1. Download this version of DX 9 from here :
[url] https://download.microsoft.com/download/8/4/A/84A35BF1-DAFE-4AE8-82AF-AD2AE20B6B14/directx_Jun2010_redist.exe[/url]

2. Download Zentaur client with Windows 10 Patch from HERE
3. Launch and let the injected dx wrapper do its thing
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If DX Wrapper dont have any effect (which it should have)

You can go to NVIDIA Control Panel or Catalyst Control Center ( depends of what GPU you have )

And do the following changes for the Mir3.exe application from your Zentaur Folder on Control Panel / Center (manage 3d settings)

ambient occlusion - global off
anisotropic filtering global - application controlled
fxaa - off
gama correction - off
antialising mode - global
antialiasing transparency - off
cuda - global all

maximum pre render frames - it is tricky, depens of your fps, if you have 60, one frame per 16.67 ms, it will add 16.67ms latency by cpu pre-rendering frame, but higher values increase cpu load, but add big latency, i use 1.

multi display/mixed gpu acceleration - single display performance mode
power management - prefer maximum perfomance
prefered resfresh rate - application controlled, set in windows maximum refresh rate for your monitor
shader cache - global on
texture filtering - anisotrophic sample optimalization - off
threaded optimization - on, it won't have much or any effect, because Mir 3has no multicore support,

triple buffering - off - it has impact only if vertical sync is on and add big latency.
vertical sync - off, because it reduce fps and buffer frame until monitor complete one refresh cycle, so if you have 60 fps, it add 16.67 latenct, if you have tripple buffered it adds 33.34 ms, which is pretty much unplayable from this point
Disable reverb.
Do not use reduce mouse lag, "it may drastically reduce fps".
In variables, there is not pretty much what would have any noticeable effect,

Make sure you set also setting for best performance and not improvement visuals
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